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With Class Spa is located on 58 acres at "The Ranch At 7 Mile Hill". The "7 Mile Hill" name dates back to the early 1900's with the early settlers and previous Native American Tribes using it as a reference point from then a beginning of downtown Tyler. Mrs. Laverne Hoskins McWhorter, daughter of former property owner, Shawn Hoskins, shared this and other wonderful stories, and told us as a child about wandering the property hunting for and finding Indian arrowheads.  With Class Spa utilizes the local history and indigenous foliage from the East Texas area to enhance the treatments offered to the Guests that visit the Spa.

We are one of many Day Spas in Tyler, Texas but distinguish ourselves in the diversity of advanced education and training not only for our staff, but also for our Guests. With Class Spa Owner & Founder Lynn Kirkpatrick is an International Educator and Texas Licensed Instructor as well as Spa Consultant for Spa/Resort Owners & Developers from all over the globe. Our ongoing workshops/conferences taught by Ms. Kirkpatrick are always a popular request.

Through the years Ms. Kirkpatrick has continued to work with Guests and is known for her diverse knowledge of skin, health, and formulations/ingredients. With Class Spa's private label skin care products & ingredients is Ms. Kirkpatrick's long time project and through a Specialty Chemist continues to further formulate additional products. While competitor's products are 2 to 3 times more expensive because of packaging; Ms. Kirkpatrick decided to put that cost in the finest of ingredients not a container.

Using the same principals of fine ingredients, long term benefits, and enhanced/advanced treatments, With Class Spa continues to be one of the top Spas in the industry. With Class Spa was used by author Erica Miller in her books/textbooks on Day Spas, techniques and procedures.

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